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Colleen Hitchcock is the world-renowned author of the poem, Ascension. Her masterpiece poem is featured on thousands of websites, and in the forward's of best-selling author, Tom Clancy's Without Remorse and Executive Orders.

Her first suspense novel, Rabbit Heart, has been sold to Simon & Schuster as a book series and will be in bookstores in May 2006. Other suspense novels include, If Dead People Could Talk, The Ghost of Shakespeare, The Dragonfly Chronicles, and two other Rabbit Heart books to follow.

She has penned several screenplays in suspense and romantic comedy genre including Shakespeare in L.A. and 99% True. She has written the play and composed music for Ascension: The Musical, a three-act stage play and a musical extravaganza. She has written more than three thousand songs and poems that are unpublished, a collection of short stories, a collection of ethical stories for grades 4-6 and other children's songs and books.

In her business life she has been a teacher, a bartender, a flight attendant, a plane charter operator, a stockbroker, a sales manager for a Fortune 100 company, a regional manager for a Boston management consulting company, and the CEO of her own publishing company.

Recognized as a poet as early as her first grade, she feels that her poetic roots have sculpted a rhythmic beat that moves throughout her prose. Hitchcock has always been drawn to comedy, action, and suspense, for its passion. And she artfully weaves stories and morals throughout every story, poem, or song she writes. She has lived in Ft. Lauderdale and Santa Monica, but was born and currently resides in Minnesota.

She has a press pass and is active with National Writers Union - (NWU Local 13), Midwest Independent Publishers Association (MIPA), Minnesota Book Publishers' Roundtable, and has served as a Board Member for the Allina Hospice & Palliative Care Foundation.

This year she is serving her sixth year as Small Book Design Judge for the prestigous PMA's Benjamin Franklin Awards. The previous five years she was a Judge in the Literary & Poetry Design competition for two years, a year of the Children's Literary Awards, and two years in the best Book Design Awards Categories. The Benjamin Franklin Awards will be presented at the National BookExpo in Los Angeles, CA, May 29-June 1, 2008.